Resources and software related to Gravity's RagnarokOnline MMORPG.

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List of unfriendly tools and android apps written for myself, made available to others.
You need to copy a piece of text between computers, tablets or phones, but do not want to install any software for that? Bluetooth is no go? Use the clipboard with short expiry, just long enough to get the job done.


No classic start menu in Windows? There I fixed it.
Tired of global variables? Way to get rid of them.
Also how one survives with an unsupported, outdated, bugged OS full of exploits.
Not interested in software? Here some hardware gore.
And to those self-rightenous people out there: you are, what you fight.


There is a BBS available on NN for any kind of topic, not limited to the project itself. Alternative channel is on twitter (@ai4rei). If you want to thank me for something, consider using my wishlist as inspiration.

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