Windows 98 Second Edition in numbers

Since I still use Windows 98 Second Edition as my main OS, I thought I share some of the experience.


Current desktop clutter


Last install date:2007-02-08
Last recovery from full backup:2010-07-03 (virus infection)
Last registry recovery:2016-06-15 (accidential HKCR wipe)
On-disk footprint:1.4GiB
In-memory footprint:~150MB3
Virus infections since last install:1 (IE6 vulnerability)

Stability (2015-08-06 ~ 2016-08-06)

Starts:139 (successful)3 (failed)
Shutdowns:112 (clean)24 (unexpected2)
Uptime1:30 seconds (min)1 week 5 days 9 hours 6 minutes 13 seconds (max)2 days 1 hour 44 minutes 25 seconds (avg)

Foot notes:

  1. Measures time spend in GUI (from HKLM\RunServices till WM_ENDSESSION), only.
  2. Includes (in order of frequency): Whole OS stopping responding, power-outages, non-BSoD whole OS crash, BSoD whole OS crash (seldom).
  3. System + auto-started applications

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